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Our Philosophy

Cherry Crumble is a kids’ clothing brand that finds its inspiration from the sunny environs of beautiful California. As a company, the product is paramount for us and this belief finds expression in the way we design our clothes, source our raw material, and cater to customer preferences. Our in­house team of designers is up to speed with the worldwide standards of fashion, and each article of clothing is conceptualized and created with nothing but the finest craftsmanship.

We believe that luxury and class can go hand­in­hand with sustainability. Not only is this reflected in the timeless and global appeal of our clothes, but also in the way we assess the impact of textile production on the surrounding. Cherry Crumble prides itself in keeping environmental footprint to the minimum and in deploying ethical trade practices.

Sophistication and finesse are integral to the Cherry Crumble brand, and making clothes is much more than just a business for us. It is a means through which we express artistically and fulfill our passion for draping children all over the world in nothing but the most durable, comfortable, and fashionable clothes.