be-witching little kids this halloween!

be-witching little kids this halloween!

Words by The Cherry Editors

It’s pumpkin season again and everything around you is probably autumn-sy in all its glorious oranges and browns. The dried leaves are falling all around and you’re melancholic about how you’re aging with life too and the meaning you found in it, while you try to sip on your hot cocoa, but realize you just cannot because your little one won’t stop bugging you about Halloween.

This originally Pagan festival has slowly come to become really popular in India – starting off as a celebration one night at a club; its appeal has reached out widely to a lot of kids as it has to young adults. The history behind this festival is that of remembering the dead and honoring them on All Hallows’ Day (or All Soul’s Day) on the 1st of November. The day before it – All Hallows’ Eve is what came to be known as Halloween. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a Christian festival and the Pagans believe that on Halloween, the realm between the world of the living and the spiritual one becomes weak enough to cross over – hence, allowing departed ones to visit and spend some time with their families.

This factor of the boundary weakening on Halloween is what encouraged the popular practice of dressing up in spooky costumes and decorating houses with scary items. To our fun loving kids full of the thrill of adventure and the curiosity to learn new things, this festival does sound appealing, don’t you think? And hence, the yearly drama between your child wanting to go all out on Halloween while you tell them we live in an Indian society continues until you end up there again on your computer seat – hot cocoa forgotten and your melancholy destroyed, browsing around for outfits on kids clothing websites.

So, how is this opportunistic for capitalists festival going to benefit my child in any way and why should I be spending on a one time outfit, you ask? We, being child professionals in kidswear designing and making shall tell you 4 important points as to why.

1.      Imagination and Brain Building:

If you have not noticed yet, your child is already playing pretend everyday – only, without costumes. Playing pretend is one of the first basic games we play as a child. We believe clothes make a person, but costumes tell a story. Dressing up as part of the role and stepping in someone else’s shoes not only increases the imaginative capacity of your child, but also makes problem solving easier for them. They learn empathy by looking at things from another person’s point of view and communicate better. Of course, dressing up also brings about utmost joy and excitement on our kids’ faces and who are we to deny that.


2.      Gender Exploration:

Our moral belief is that fashion surpasses all human constructs as it is a form of art that just exists fluidly. You cannot put a label on it (unless it’s Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman). Hence, it proves to be odd that we set even clothes apart on the basis of their expected behavior. It is not surprising that celebrities like Adele, Angelina Jolie and Will Smith are breaking gender stereotypes already and letting their children do what they want.  Besides, telling girls to be princesses for Halloween and boys to be pirates seems way to cliché now. We should let children explore.


3.      Creativity and Bonding Times:

If you have never got the chance to design and make costumes together, I recommend you go for it this time. There is a reason we do this for a living – especially with kids, because they just have so many fantastical lands in their heads than we do and their imagination takes us places. A zombie by day, a revengeful, baby stealing fairy who’s mad because she wasn’t invited to a party by night – think about it, there are so many stories to tell! It will be a lie to even think that making all the cuts and designs to make the clothes does not help their brain capacity in growing.


4.      Fearasure:

If you’re wondering if we just did that – then yes, we did. Even if you want to deny it, you cannot help but give it a thought that fearasure makes a good pun. Other than that, do give it a thought. Normalizing death and demons makes the child fear its inevitability less. These are all part of their growing and learning experience. Costumes hold power, and as you can tell, the very appearance of the things we dress up as on Halloween can bring terror to anyone. The very act of wearing a ‘costume’ and ‘pretending’ to be the part assures the mind that these things are not real. Avoiding things only make us more afraid of it.

Halloween is the perfect occasion for kids – candies and tricks, and the power they have with their costumes to be anything their heart desires – at least for a day. The chilling autumn vibes and pumpkin carvings are what make us start feeling witch-y at this time of the year.  

Even though you may not be someone up for these things, we have products you might particularly like to go with this pumpkin and poltergeist season. We are ready here, at Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman for the spooky season and we’re doing Halloween as the Pied Piper – ready to enchant you with our line of colorful, environment friendly baby and kids fashion accessories and clothes.