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Travelling to Veneto...


A few weeks back, we planned to visit our grandparents in a cosy city of Veneto in Italy. We absolutely love going there. After all simple life is the best one. We spent a slow weekend,  reconnecting with our family and friends. The place is absurdly picturesque.

Both of my kids admired the beauty of Mother Nature around them and “met” many farm friends.

The air there was fresh and a little cold so I threw a cosy sweater on my little one and a reversible on the elder one. They looked so cute in them. We got this from an international brand, named @cherrycrumble_nitthyman.


Plaid reversible jacket


The jacket had a plaid pattern and is reversible while the knitted ladybug on the sweater pulled a smile my Angel’s face. It kept them quite warm. We met so many farm friends. They appreciated the open spaces filled with soft smiles. I recommend everyone to go and check them out at I so wanted the time to stop and savour every moment with the family. It is the contradiction of us parents. It is the summary of my last months even if lately they are more because time stops exactly like this.


Ladybug Sweater


In recent times I have wanted to slow down because nostalgia has taken over. A few months ago I wanted my children to grow up quickly (to be able to sleep and go back to having a "normal" life) but the more I look at them together in these moments of simplicity, the more I wish they would always stay like this. To hold them in the Latvian every evening, to always have them with me, to always see them hand in hand to discover the World. We spent two deliberately slow weekends.

To appreciate the simplicity of nature, the farm animals, the beauty of being with the family. Grandma told us her secret pancake recipe 😋🎉

✨ THE MORAL: Simple things are the most beautiful. I wrote it on the fridge with the maxims to remember every morning because I never want to forget it again. ✨

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