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Task One:- Hat-trick to exercise brain
Wearing feather in your hat, miles to go. Dress up to look like a pro.
Task Two:- Sky is not the limit
Up above the sky too high, set your goals and ready to fly.
Task Three:- Puzzled life, play to thrive
Searching ways your way. Puzzling won't get you ripened fruits at all.
Task Four:- Hop, leap and keep going
Create your own way to reach the goal, milestones are to tell you are going good dude.
Task Fifth: Say it with the art of expressing
Art is the power to portray your ideas on a paper. You gotta art to create looks too.
Task Six:- On cloud nine
Up above the sky too high, set your goals to fly. Flap your wings take the flight.
Task Seven:- Decode to get something new
Find the message that follow. Life's a puzzle to solve and enjoy.
Task Eight:- Lending help to turn it green
Life's all about nature balancing for us to grow and smile. Leaves are a proof dressing matters a lot.
Task Nine:- Magnify things and paint 'em all
Life shouldn't be big but large! Paint the lifeless looking creatures with rich colors.


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