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We are Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman  –  a kids clothing brand that started with the spirit of wanting to deliver the essence of childhood in the fabulous modern styles and trends of today. Our muse is the spirit of California – free in its conduct, vibrancy in its aura and a sense of undying youth and playful mischief which are traits often used to describe young children.

In our apparel, you will find a palette of rainbows and pastels to pick from, patterns that will trigger feelings of warmth and nostalgia, and designs uncountable in applique, print and knits. Our designers and teams are people with a strong sense of love and endearment for little ones, and try our best to bring out finished products that will not only catch your good eye, but also your child’s. We have clothes for all the occasions and phases of the year. When a season flutters by, we shed our earlier toil like star stuff before preparing a new collection just for you! Since our designs keep changing, our stocks remain limited – but that’s what keeps us as refreshing and bright as your little ones.

Children grow up quick – before you know it, they are individuals with unique personalities and what remains are sweet memories that keep us going. We believe in making such clothes that you will adore, cherish, and attach beautiful memories of your little ones with. That’s how we bind our name to our belief – a sweet, childhood treat that takes you down memory lane.

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