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You have heard, and seen enough about our fashion clothing line especially kids wear for girls and such, and by now, you are probably convinced that we really are, in fact, magicians at our work and can trust us with it (We are still very deeply honored). However, we feel it’s time to put down why exactly you can trust us even more. These are our personal ethics, and beliefs that we feel are necessary as a company and thought you could hear about it while you have your tea.

Evergreen Attires

Though our name is that which resembles cherry blossoms, we bloom all year round and bring you the soft, high-quality clothes that we are known for. Our clothing has not only proven to be sturdy but also comes in vibrant designs.  The organic cotton is taken straight from the farms to give your child an extra cozy fitting. But we definitely make clothes like those now. And we do that by picking up colors right out a rainbow and onto our canvas – your child’s clothes like jeggings for kids. In this way, they never get too old, and then acquire the trait of antiquity and memories that come with time.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Just how your little angels will take care of you once you grow older, we must remember to take care of the one parent we all share as a whole – sweet, loving mother Earth. We all are well aware of the hardship she’s going through these days – deteriorating in leaps & bounds, and if we don’t extend measures to preserve it, common things that exist today will only become folklore to our kids. We envision an Earth filled with ingenious dreams, playful imaginations, fairies & hope! Hence, at Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman, we believe in keeping our carbon footprint to the bare minimum. We believe that in reducing the use of paper to dust. This is why our store is online based – to reach out to millions abroad, as well as send out the bare minimum of the required amount of gas. Therefore, all of Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman’s production works side by side with sustainability.

Organic Ingredients

Our secret recipe for fermenting timeless attires often includes organic elements. Can’t let that CO2 become a ‘See you too’, after all. Heavy doses of Organic cotton has not only proven to be healthy but has also left millions with a smile; making it the perfect fit for your child’s skin. No rashes, no scratchy insides, and definitely no more uncomfortable movements. On top of that, we have kissed goodbye to using special chemical toxins that release out harmful gases for the environment are used in the creation of our materials. Our dyes are kid friendly & soft on a child’s skin. This is why; we have the purest, most clean textures on our clothes that stand out in a crowd of people. With fabric so light, your kid would be swirling with joy on his playdates & more.  

Besides, since our brand itself was inspired by the deep environs of California, it would be hypocritical of us to not look into matters that concern the earth. Hence, each garment designed and manufactured is made so with exquisite craftsmanship, detail and care. We believe that style and comfort should go hand in hand – especially in the case of kids because what is the point of wearing something that does not let you dance or twirl till your heart’s content?

Mutual Bonds and Trust

As we have made it very clear on our website, we love you, our customers; hence there is a feeling of understanding and trust that we share with you. Every time you order from us, we understand that there is a sense of faith that you entrust us with, and we would never try to break it or disappoint you in any way. Accordingly, we feel the need to carry out our duties with responsibility and get your order to you as fast as we can-- Since the deliveries as well as all the returns are on us, our motives behind the processing of every order would be your happiness. We admit to carrying out our work with no unethical practices or cheats because the thought of taking advantage of you and not giving you your money’s worth would only cross us if we’re in a life threatening situation – you know, like if there’s an ogre who won’t let us cross his bridge and the only two ways is to deceive a customer or die. We understand that dying for you would bring a lot of trust from you, but if we don’t exist, then there would be no one to launch our next collection, and I think you understand that. But all this talk aside, deceiving you would mean deceiving your innocent children as well, and that is a burden we would never want to carry – as a result, we carry out our work with precision and loyalty.

Our customers and their children are our topmost priority. For that reason, Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman upholds its philosophy with utmost sincerity and devotion. We believe that to become the best brand out in the world, the most important thing to have with us is the trust of our customers – because high quality materials and workers are things we already have, and can find anywhere again if lost. But things that involve these humane emotions like your trust and happiness – these are priceless and stay with us longer than anything else. So, keep your empty cup away now, and have faith in us. We’re all friends here.

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