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A Mother-Daughter Bond: Cherrycrumble by Nitt Hyman

@anniscipioni  19 Feb 2021

With series of incidents happening, this morning I got up and felt a little low. I was thinking to have my moment until my baby girl arrived and saw me crying. She hugged me at once. She kissed my forehead and then we planned to go out for an ice-cream ride. In a moment that bad moment was passing.

She always chooses her own outfit but this time she asked me instead. Her wardrobe is full of clothes. From different styles of nightwear casual wear and to cute dresses, she has everything. Also, it depends on her mood that how she wants to get dressed. After a few minutes, I dressed her. Among her closets, the dress I chose for her is my favorite.

I have gotten this lovely dress for my little princess from @Cherrycrumble. A Classic mid-length above-the-knee denim dress features buttoned cuffs and collar, a pleated chest, a clinched waistline, icon placed at the left bottom. This dress is 100% cotton. You can easily wear this dress in summer. The pleats of this dress add beauty to your princess looks. The joyous of hearts splash out on our faces. We twinned in blue color.

My princess just looks adorable in this dress; I can’t take my eyes off her. Just look at her smiling face. It bought tears in my eyes, that how a kid can make your day.

Thank you @Cerrycrumble for making mother-daughter duo so strong. That look on her face just made my day. For me, CherryCrumble is the best clothing brand for kids. Would love to shop more from you!

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