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A Royal Dress for a Royal Occasion

@selcandedeoglu Jan 27 ,2021

Wish you a happy 2021 to everyone. Hope everybody is safe, fine, and fit.

2021 is really special for my family and friends as my sister has got married. During this pandemic time, it is difficult to go out and shop. But somehow finding online dresses is bliss. I wanted something that gives a royal princess look for my honey. After Surfing through online sites for my Elisa’s outfit, I found about cherrycrumble.

Hereby I share a little insight into Elisha's wardrobe. 

Today we want to show the pretty dress from @cherrycrumble_nitthyman. It is a great festive dress that I ordered for my sister’s wedding. It looked really amazing and gave a princess style to my darling. This dress is sewn to perfection, the soft round neckline; half sleeves and a sparkling ornament waist are just breathtaking. Pair this with blue warm leggings & block heels. I couldn’t take my eyes off from my darling Elisha. 

It was soft and slouchy for her. The fabric is fantastic. I layered this dress with a coat as the temperature was quite low but I will make her wear it in summer as well. A sparkling embellishment on the waistline was the center of attraction. 

A happy mother is when her daughter receives lovable comments from relatives and that she is comfortable in her own world.  

I bought another incredible light jacket for rehearsal dinner. The full sleeves, the buttoned case at the front, and the comfortable fit are ideal as a warming layer to wear over a party dress with nice trousers. I styled this jacket with check printing leggings and low ankle shoes, with a bun on the top.  As the place was covered with bamboo woods and sand, I wanted to buy something which covers her up and there is no sign to get hurt. If your child is safe and happy, so are you!

Shop some great styles for your kids’ from @cherrycrumble_nitthyman. Thanking you for an adorable, amazing dress and jacket.

By a Happy Mother.

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