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Back to School Looks!


Hello my lovelies!
As you know that we are soon going to hit the jungle gym & burry our heads in books. I was already busy
curating cute outfits for this session. Low-key I’m excited to go back to school & meet my good ol’

As I was spending endless hours on my phone, I came across this great clothing brand called, Cherry
Crumble By Nitt Hyman. These guys have carefully chosen fabrics from world’s finest purveyors &
matched elegantly to their unique designs. Plus the range of colors that these guys offer is simply exotic!

I received their mail on Sunday & it was just perfect as I decided to gobble my breakfast & try my new
outfits to make sure things turn out just the way I want. These outfits turned out to be so beautiful.

I love my new jumper from @cherrycrumble_nitthyman

So the first outfit is officially called Playtime Dungaree. It has a soft floral fabric. It has a plunging
neckline, comfy fit and cute buttons in the front, leaving lots of room to play. It can be the perfect
summer dress! Or even better, I can be a flower girl. I couldn’t resist but to click tons of pictures &
ended up making this my Sunday outfit!

I was simply awestruck!

The next thing is called Urbane Shorts. These are ultra- cute shorts with an elastic waistline, giving me a
snug fit. Love the frills in front. I decided to pair it with a tank top & a black cap. The outfit turned out to
be pretty laidback & gave me the perfect excuse to flaunt the look to my next field trip!

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