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Moments to cherish: Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman

As a parent, you always think about what is best for your child. I look at Christian & think you are "my little one"; other times "my big boy" but you always remind me that you are "my 4-year-old cutie"! A few days ago but you are 4 years old and it still doesn't seem true to me, you have changed our life (for the better of course!) ⁣⁣


Another product that we tried from was this cute super soft Dress for your little sister. Just like her name, Azure: serene like the color of the clear sky. We got her a gift for your name day on her special day (in the north we don't celebrate it much, but in the south where my husband was born and raised a lot more!) Pink dress with a sweat-resistant fabric by @cherrycrumble_nitthyman among the whole collection I chose pink as always! So many non-pink things are already given to me by friends who say that I'm exaggerating with pink!


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