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A Russian Adventure.

Cherry Crumble

Hello little  birdies!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer.
It's  really cool what Instagram has done to the world. I didn’t want to tell at all about this, but about the fact that my Instagram expanded the boundaries 🌏 ! And this is one of the goals for me. Collaborate with foreign brands! It has put me in super interesting spot.
While shopping we usually stick to H&M or Zara. These brands generally offer fast fashion which is good but you often want to find unique items for your princesses. And I am generally for expanding opportunities, otherwise all Zara and H&M and all children go the same? I'm sorry who offended these brands, I also love dearly!
But what if I expand your capabilities too? And tell you a cool kidswear store? ⠀
Personally, I myself am delighted! I have not seen such models ANYWHERE! It is a fact!
Cherry  Crumble by Nitt Hyman- fancy kids clothing online store.


Boho Dress


They have the most tender cotton. I chose shorts, those in the photo - layout and boho dress!
These shorts have a cute little bow and red lace on the edges. It's  super lightweight and breathable. What else could I have asked this summer?
I will hold the intrigue a bit and show you the outfits on Eve later! In the meantime, go to the site and appreciate the uniqueness of the models?


Boho Dress


And here is Eve! Buzz in the country! Honestly, every time a brand offers us cooperation - I and Eve :) rejoice together! It’s no secret that brands often send clothing to bloggers for reviews. Who has what goals, someone has advertising, someone has a photo!
But I unequivocally declare that I will never advise you anything bad! Here's an example of Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman- brand I probably spent 2 hours on the site choosing models for Eva 🙈 !

I really liked everything and the fact that the silhouettes are the most unusual, and the fabrics are the most comfortable! And most importantly, I don’t think that a large number of Russian mothers from Russia know about such cool foreign brands 😍 or am I mistaken?


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