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Fall Essentials: A Chic Affair


After our trip to Brazil where the temperature was 30, my beloved Harry had to survive the Netherlands. Though it showed the temperature to be 3 degrees, I am sure that it felt like -2 degree, oh my god! Can't imagine him fight such chilly times.

So last Sunday, all of us decided to go for our ritualistic trip to the winter festival in Amsterdam. The place offers so many fun activities to do with the family. Harry enjoys ice skating 7 the toys they offer. Unfortunately, it was very cold & raining. As you know that it can be quite worrisome for mothers as they always want to protect their sons. This is the kind of weather that one can catch a cold in no time!


Reversible Jacket


To my fortune, we had kept a reversible jacket from Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman. It was super warm & came in handy, under these circumstances. It was water-resistant to a certain extent, which is great since we never know when it is going to rain in the Netherlands. The jacket was pretty padded on the inside, super beautiful & extremely soft. So basically the jacket not only kept him warm on the inside but he looked like a little rockstar. It is often the case that in order to ensure our babies have comfort & warmth, we end up giving up on style.


Pluto Sweatshirt


One of the things that impressed me was that usually, I have to add a lot of layers to Harry's wardrobe before we step out in the winters. To my surprise, this jacket took care of everything. I did not even need to make him wear a blouse underneath! It was warm enough to fight off the great European Winter.

This jacket is a lovely combination of yellow & green. Love the color combination. It gives me exciting styling ideas for his wardrobe. The fabric is delicate making this jacket look exuberant. Not to forget that it’s reversible! Such a blessing it is!

I also got the chance to try their colorblock sweatshirt. This hoodie was perfect for his morning walk.   It stole my heart as well.

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