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WARM IN WINTERTIDE: Ways to Upgrade and Warm-up during Snow Season

Cherry Crumble

It’s that time of the year when ol’ Jack Frost is at it again, frosting up windows and pricking at noses to make people sneeze. You may not see him, but you can definitely judge from the bone dry trees all around. 

The worst part of winters, however, is probably the daily changes of clothes that we are used to. It comes down harder on our kids – who have it harder, trying to keep up with the trendy kids at school. Do not get me started on the #MiniMe trend going around Instagram. It’s as if the next bunch of our adults will not know what childhood felt like. 

But coming back to the topic, it’s a difficult life – choosing winter clothes for your little girl. Not only does the outfit need to be snug and warm, but you also have to be updated with what’s hot and what’s not in the world of girls’ fashion which is ever-changing. Doing some research before making decisions is also a commendable resolve.

Boy's Knitted Fuzzy Christmas Winter Wear Sweatshirt Sequence dress 

You can do so by first remembering that even when faced by a fashion crisis, the priority when dressing should always be one’s health, So every outfit you choose for your toddler should be as warm as they will be if they were running around in their blanket-soft bed sheets. Never forget one of the most important rules of fashion – if you’re not comfortable in it, then it’s not a good outfit. Clothes may make the (wo)man, but a person who is just well dressed is as good as a yolkless egg.

Here are a few hacks and tips to get by the biting winter in style so that you remember December.

Warming Up:

Choosing the right fabric can be a difficult task, so a hack to decide faster would be to think of the functionality of the cloth and the effect it’ll have on the sensitivity of the skin. Children have softer skin and winter is known for uncomfortably layered clothing and scratchy hand-knitted sweaters. Of course, to protect your little girl’s skin is the most important. Though wool has been the traditional option for winters throughout the years, a better alternative would be fleece. It is moisture-wicking and keeps the body warm. Unlike wool, fleece is easy to maintain as it is machine washable and dries fast.

Create! Don’t Hate:

Remember those Weasley jumpers from Harry Potter? Specially customized and knitted by none other than DIY queen Molly Weasley. The woman is an example of efficiency and a reminder that if you cannot find something you are looking for, you go ahead and make it yourself! Their many bonuses to DIYs as well – starting from knowing a very useful industrial skill to the fact that no one else can take away the uniqueness of what you create because it’ll always be yours. For those who want to try their shot at it, the best thing to start with would be a long muffler full of love. Not just that, but it’s the most versatile winter cloth as well! But since kids are known to be fussy about such accessories, another option would be to knit a simple vest which children are conditioned to wear. You can even choose your own style of knitting and create all kinds of knitwear for babies

Layers Inside, Style Outside

A common issue we’ve heard of time and again during winters is how when doing the classic layering up of clothes, parents often put on so many layers that their child appears bulky or bulged up – sometimes even rendered comfortable movement. For this, the best thing to do would be getting thin but warm inner thermal and fleece vests or shirts. Keeping the baby warm by having the layers inside has its own benefits – the clothes on top act as more layers; the cold can also not cut through the shield of clothes and the outfit is always on fleek. It’s a win-win! This would be a smarter and efficient way to keep them warm than to put on layer after layer that you, as a parent, are obliged to carry around later on. Stop the bulking, save the sulking!

Keeping Up With Toddler Trends:

Yes, you might question why toddlers even have trends as such and we are completely on your side. Our suspicion is that the teenagers want revenge for ‘not understanding’ them and want adults to go through the same pressure of trying to keep up with the world as they do. However, there is a way to understand trends today without having to say things like ‘yeet’ on a daily basis. Magazines, bloggers, and videos are a fun and interactive way of learning about things that are popular among young people. Believe us, fashion is an art you cannot dislike and will always have something new to present and to teach. 

Lastly, if you are one of those parents who would rather not put in so much effort into children’s clothing that they will eventually grow out of, all you need to do is visit our brand Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman’s website and browse from a wide and colorful range of clothes for children ranging from 0 to 12 years of age. We are a brand that provides online shopping for kidswear and even does free home deliveries and returns – can’t let you have more tasks than you already do! All you have to do is choose the loveliest bunch of clothes for your young ones and perhaps even take a little time out for yourself and enjoy the holidays while you’re at it.
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