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Autumnal treats!!

Cherry Crumble

Raising a  child is a lot of work, especially if you want them to be bilinguals. Many years ago, on an airplane, I met a Belarusian woman who was flying to visit her daughter and granddaughter in Italy. She was so worried that she could not communicate with her granddaughter, since she only knew Italian. Mom worked a lot and she did not have the time and desire to study and teach her daughter the Russian language. Grandmother started learning Italian for the sake of her granddaughter and son-in-law. Then I promised myself that if I have a child in Italy, I will find the time and energy to instill in him my native language. We are still at the beginning of this path, but I see the first successes. My daughter understands Russian and Italian in the same way. This is actually a lot of work, and children do not magically become bilinguals. I dream of hearing the first time our child will speak to my relatives in Russian, be proud of us and be an example for other families. In the meantime, we have a lot of work, plan, sequence and time ahead.

Before the pandemic, we had gotten to lovely dresses for my Toddler  from @cherrycrumble_nitthyman
They are effortlessly stylish and super soft against the skin. A polo dress with a cute appliqué on the chest is perfect for waddling around the house.


Burgeon Polo Dress


The other one is an all-weather dress with colorful stripes. We took a trip to the nearby garden and tried to teach her easy Russian words. She was so happy to dress up and looked delightful. I could not help but to click pictures of her. She was very fond of the dress and would not just get it off. Dresses like these are God sent!


Stripy Knitted Dress


A big thumbs up to this kids clothing brand👌👍
I would love to shop outfits from

Perhaps moms of bilingual children could relate to it. Please share your tips, what difficulties you encountered? I will be immensely grateful🙏🏻

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