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Birthday Specials for kids


Time to dip our toes in kids fashion. As you all know that it was Esther's  birthday so we decided to try a new kids online brand- @cherrycrumble_nitthyman. The online store offers unique styles which are very soft. It's  kind of sad that we couldn't discover it earlier. It would have been so much easier to shop for her. But now we often order from them


Occasion Dress


Do you order something from abroad or do you buy only in local shops and market? The shopping experience was breezy just like her dress. Their website is extremely user friendly. Just a few clicks and we were done! No extra data required, accepted international card as well.


Happy Birthday


As you know, Esther was going to soon turn 2. Therefore it needed to be extra special. We got her a sequins dress by @cherrycrumble_nitthyman. It was magical. It had soft straps and little stars all over. The dress had a soft lining as well.


Birthday Dress


The next thing was to order a princess cake for our little Esther. After going through a million photos of cakes and the same number of pastry chefs, I chose a pastry chef and I was right! Not only the design turned out to be magical, but also the taste of the filling, cream, in general, the whole cake. The pastry chef asked about all our preferences (amount of sugar / sweetness, ingredients and dough) and found the perfect option for us. thanks for such deliciousness! My daughter, my husband and I and all the guests were delighted 😍 ❗


Her birthday was perfect.

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