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Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman- one way ticket to street fashion.

Cherry Crumble

Hello friends!

Eva received some really cool outfits from Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman, last week. Today, I will be taking you through their latest summer edition along with Izzy’s cute clothing. Like Izzy, Eva was able to pick out two items of clothing she would like to try. Having a browse around Cherry Crumble’s site Eva liked quite a few items but she ended up picking a lovely top and colorful sweatshirt to go with it.
Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman 
Cherry Crumble aims to convert kids worldwide into little fashionistas with their beach inspired clothing! 
The designers are artists who love kids and only indulge in the finest and smoothest of clothing to protect the kids. The outfits come with the promise of being rash-proof.   With comfortable, fashionable clothing, Cherry Crumble’s exquisitely crafted collection is becoming the first choice for parents, here!  From shirts, tees, dresses, playsuits, jeans, trousers and more, all their clothing embodies the true Californian spirit of the outdoors, fun and sunshine!



Eva's new hot new summer pick.


Lace Hem Pep Top


Eva chose a  lovely lace hem pep top in lilac, turquoise and white. Eva is quite petite for 8 so we ordered 7-8 years which fit her nicely. The lace hem is really pretty and soft, I was expecting it to be rough but it really isn’t.


Multi-color Top


Eva loves this delicious top and refused to take it off after wearing it as she likes it so much. It’s soft, comfortable and looks great with so many different outfits. It is a perfect Back to School look for girls who like to keep it simple yet stylish.


Lace Top


Sweatshirt Heaven


Tiny Leaf Sweatshirt


The Tiny leaf sweatshirt is a light pink colour and super soft with a beautiful leaf and flower design on both shoulders. We tried a 7-8 years sweatshirt which fit nicely on Eva. I would recommend ordering a size bigger if your child isn’t very petite.


Girls Sweatshirt


Stylish yet warm, this lovely sweatshirt is perfect with leggings or jeans! Eva really likes the soft pink with a bright burst of colour on the shoulders.


Pink Sweatshirt


Cherry Crumble has some cool clothing perfect for any wardrobe. Having reviewed 4 items in total we definitely think the quality is worth it.

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