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Lovely rompers for baby boys!

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Hello and welcome back!
Until very recently, boy's fashion was really limited, dressing a girl was certainly nicer and Glam.
Thankfully that has changed significantly. There has been a surge in toddlers and kids fashion. We can say that even for boys there are really many cute little things, like these two rompers that I chose on Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman!!!! 🤩🤩


Casual Bodysuit


Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman brews styles which are inspired by the Californian beaches and chirpy. The styles are really fresh, full of vibrant colors, young and free, in fact the collection is a cheerful palette of colors, cheerfulness and a lot of good humor, the brand's stylists put all the passion and care for the clothes of our little ones , a constantly evolving collection, that's why, we don't find a large assortment, so every time we have the opportunity to renew our baby's wardrobe with always the latest clothes !!!!
The clothes are soft and high quality, with organic cotton selected directly on the farms, the choice of organic cotton is thus much safer on the skin of our baby, without chemicals, even the dyes used are safe on the skin, each garment is created with care and taste in detail!


Pique Bodysuit


Both the rompers are soft against my baby's skin. They are fresh and easy to wash in the machine. To be honest, it's a big relief.

Taken directly from the rainbow !!!
The shop is exclusively online, sustainable, convenient and fast, our satisfaction, happiness in the first place !!!
Thanks Cherry Crumble for these fantastic clothes, we love them !!!

And you, what do you think ???

Until next time ....

Kisses, Martha!

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