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A Californian Summer...

Cherry Crumble

Look, what we have today! Just another sunny day 🌞 in the beautiful California Desert. #desertlife 🌵 We bought a house here a couple years ago and the longer we have been here the more we have grown to love this peaceful location. The mountain views are so beautiful from our front patio and just as amazing from the backyard.


The Perfect Dress

Today Zelah is wearing this adorable little jean dress from the new line of Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman. I love how well made it is and the embroidered designs are absolutely perfect and done with attention to detail. Out of all of her dresses this one is one of her cutest. Right now this brand  is having a special discount on your next order. Also love how, if you sign up with your email they give you exclusive access to new arrivals, special offers and a lot more. 
Striking Embroidery Dress
I would also like to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy friends 🌹🌻
I spent the day just lounging around with my family. Later jimmy is making me cornish game hens and his delicious home made mashed potatoes. This is the first year Zelah understands what Mother’s Day is and it was nice to hear her wish me a happy one. 💐 she was proud to give me these gifts. I love this new little " The perfect dress"  she is wearing today too. Out of all of Zelah’s dresses this one is one of her cutest. 
Visit their online store at to know more about there exquisite delivery and to check out their vast designs.
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