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Cherry Crumble: Children’s Clothing

Cherry Crumble

With these days with summer smiling at us, it's time to take out our bright sun dresses out of the closet and into action. I recently, received two cute pieces from Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman for Madilynn!

If you have not heard of Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman they are a children’s clothing brand. Their muse is the spirit of California. In their apparel you will find a palette of rainbows and pastels and patterns that trigger feelings of nostalgia.

Their team of designers have a strong sense of love for little ones. They have clothes for every occasion and carry a variety of sizes from baby to pre-teens. Boy, Moms they even have you covered! Now let’s get to the pieces they sent me!

Baby Blue Dress

Madilynn is a little diva and loves all things girly. Dresses, shoes, purses so I knew I had to picked her out two dresses for her to priss around in, since she loves getting dressed up. Madilynn is petite and typically wears a 2T so I ordered her a size 2-3 in both dresses. They both fit great as if it was custom made for her.  She will still have enough room to wear them next year because of the sizing. Once I took both of the dresses out of the packages for Madilynn to pick out which she wanted to model first, she could not wait to get them on. She loved the embroidery on the dresses and especially the flowers on the “Clear Dress.” She admired herself in the mirror and twirled around. She was ready to go model her dresses.

Aetna Dress

The first piece is their “Aetna Dress.” Smocking, ruffles, and embroidery! Everything I love in little girl’s clothing all in one piece. It is 100% cotton so the material is super soft and will not bother Madi’s sensitive skin. The length came just a tad below her knee and what I also loved was the dress came with a pair of bloomers! I always like to put bloomers under Madilynn’s dresses and sometimes it’s hard to find ones to match.

Clear Dress

The second item is their “Clear Dress”. The scalloped hemline and the embroidered flowers made this the perfect girly dress. It is also 100% cotton and very soft. The length came just below her knee and this dress also came with bloomers. I love the neon embroidery on the hem it really bring the dress together.

Baby Aetna Dress

Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman has an amazing range of great quality children’s clothing. Both dresses we received were extremely well made and would make beautiful dresses for Easter or even Spring photos. In love with their new collection. Do check them out.

Baby Dress

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