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Cherry Crumble Review: Beautiful, High-Quality Children's Clothes

Cherry Crumble

Kiara is a hyper child and always on the move. Therefore, her clothes need to be of the sort that will be able to keep up with her falling into the dirt, attempting to go for a swim, and all the other mischief she brews as a child. I think we found just that in Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman.

​Cherry Crumble is on a mission to create the prettiest, most stylish and adorable clothing that is also extremely powerful and efficient, for young children. Their clothing is not only stylish but durable enough to keep up with a busy tot.

Made with organic cotton taken straight from the farms, their clothes are soft and gentle against my little's skin and well-fitting. 

The first item we got was this white and blue striped stylish top for girls lined with daisies across the chest. True to their word, this top is soft to the touch and completely adorable! 

The next item we got was this adorable jean skirt with straps. The straps are adjustable and all the buttons are functional - which I appreciate! 

Again, this skirt is extremely soft not to irritate my little's skin. The fun thing with this skirt is it's so easy to layer for cooler weather or dress for summer. Kiara and I both love it both ways and will be getting plenty of use out of this skirt until she outgrows it and we have to get a new one.

Final thoughts? Cherry Crumble by Nitt Hyman knows how to make clothing that moms and children will love. Their clothes are beautiful, durable, comfortable and so diverse – ranging from soft, colorful sweaters for baby boys to adorable, pretty shorts for baby girls. We give them a 5-star.

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